Be­come a PHPP Ex­pert

You already have a Pass­ive House Con­sult­ant / De­sign­er cer­ti­fic­ate and you want to high­light your ad­di­tion­al  know­ledge re­gard­ing PHPP ad­vanced fea­tures, design­PH, bim2PH and thermal bridges?

Then get your seal by suc­cess­fully passing the next PHPP Ex­pert ex­am!

Fri­day 18.06.2021

Fri­day 10.12.2021



PHPP Expert exam

Exam setup

As a pre­re­quis­ite for the ex­am­in­a­tion, can­did­ates must first sub­mit a home­work as­sign­ment (set­ting up a PHPP for a non-res­id­en­tial build­ing), which will be is­sued upon writ­ten re­quest. They can then take the PHPP ex­pert ex­am, which lasts 90 minutes (pro­cess­ing time only) and is di­vided in two parts: Mul­tiple Choice tasks (45 minutes pa­per ex­am) and prac­tic­al in­put in PHPP (45 minutes laptop ex­am).

  • The pa­per ex­am is sim­il­ar to the Cer­ti­fied Pass­ive House De­sign­er/Con­sult­ant ex­am.
  • For the laptop ex­am, you will re­ceive a partly pre­filled PHPP file on a USB stick and a prin­ted doc­u­ment with the tasks.

Learning targets

The ba­sic know­ledge and com­pet­en­cies re­gard­ing the hand­ling of PHPP is part of the ex­am for the “Cer­ti­fied Pass­ive House De­sign­er/Con­sult­ant” and is as­sumed to be known. Thus the PHPP ex­pert ex­am cov­ers tasks re­gard­ing deep­er PHPP know­ledge and ques­tions about the entry of com­plex build­ings (res­id­en­tial and non-res­id­en­tial, new build­ings and re­fur­bish­ments). To pre­pare for the ex­am, you may take part in a ded­ic­ated range of  Passive House Tools Work­shops and check the PHPP Ex­pert Learn­ing tar­gets.