Emu's 2024 Summer Online Crew Kick-Off


Wed 24 Jul 2024


Register HERE.

Can't wait to become a Passive House construction tradesperson (CPHT)? Join Emu’s Online Summer Crew and get immediate access to 18+ hours of Passive Design/Build™️ on-demand core curriculum, ideal for applying the gold standard of building science to high-performance projects seeking PHI, Phius, LEED, NetZero, Living Building, and more.

The Summer Online Crew will meet via live Zoom Q&A sessions with our expert Emu Trainers - Wednesdays, 3-4pm MT: July 24 + 31, Aug 7,14, 21, + 28(These will be recorded and available.)

Our original course is for design/build& construction professionals who are concerned about moisture control, air sealing, thermal bridging, healthy indoor air quality, durability, resiliency, and affordability of high performance. Emu focuses on brand-neutral, research-based training for the implementation of Passive building standards in mainstream construction projects.