Built in Canada – Lessons learned from PH Projects (QC), Passive House Canada - Online

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Fri 10 Jun 2022 19:00 – 21:00

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This webinar series will focus on Canadian Projects all across the Country.

Our third stop of 2022 will see us move out of British Columbia and into Quebec.

This presentation is a case study of the design and construction of a 1,700 sq. ft cold climate single-family Passive House in rural Quebec. Since the presenter, Evelyne Bouchard, was the project’s architect, energy modeller, general contractor and occupant, this project was a unique opportunity to dig into every aspect of the design and construction, and to experience the results on a daily basis.

The presentation will include details of the building envelope and mechanical systems, PHPP results, post-occupancy monitoring and lessons learned. It will also highlight the challenges posed by building in a region where there were no trades familiar with Passive House, and where energy prices are the lowest in North America.