"How to prepare for high performance windows - Workshop", NYPH - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

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Thu 28 Apr 2022 21:00 – 23:00
334 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

How To Prepare For High Performance Windows


Your windows are nice, but how’s your install?

Windows are often big, heavy, fragile, and in Passive House buildings, windows are the most expensive components. When you pay for all that performance, you also want to make sure windows are properly installed. It’s about your building enclosure: one wrong move and your exterior walls can also suffer expensive damage. Optimal window installs take into account vapor drive at different times of year, and take steps to super-insulate the window frames for the best thermal performance. In this workshop we look at window installations that are airtight and correctly flashed – and as a result will last the life of the building. A proper window install will bump up your building’s comfort and efficiency, while ensuring that your walls stay dry. With both presentation and hands-on mock-ups, the workshop aims to provide tools for simple and effective high performance window installations.

Learning Objectives
  1. Recognize characteristics and benefits of high performance windows as a part of an optimized building envelope
  2. Identify material specifications and details for rough opening preparation and flashing in super-insulated and airtight assemblies
  3. Apply concepts of water protection and airtightness for window installations in New York’s climate
  4. Describe the importance of vapor drive and moisture management as a component of high performance building