CAUTION! Blind Spots Ahead, ZEBx - Online

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Thu 20 Jan 2022 21:30 – 23:30

Free Webinar: Thu Jan 20, 2022 from 12.30pm - 2.30pm PST

Deep emissions retrofits will need to be scaled up dramatically over the next decade, but we have to pay attention to the blind spots that could get us into trouble as we scale up retrofits. Will the widespread adoption of heat pumps result in an increase in refrigerant leakage? How do we prevent low-income renters from getting saddled with higher utility bills? How will BC Hydro deal with increase in demand from electrification of existing buildings? Join ZEBx and BC Hydro for what is bound to be a very lively dialogue on the potential blind spots of deep emissions retrofits.

Join ZEBx and BC Hydro for our Deep Emissions Retrofit Dialogue on this hot topic.