Passive House & Embodied Carbon - What You Need to Know, Passive House Massachusetts - online

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Thu 18 Nov 2021 18:00 – 19:30

Featuring:Michael Hindle, CPHC, Passive to Positive
Christina Aßmann, CPHC, Passive to Positive
Passive House is the world's leading energy standard, focusing on design & construction strategies to drastically reduce the operational energy use of buildings. Beyond this operational energy, though, another form of energy use has been rising in concern - Embodied Carbon. In other words, what about the energy used to construct the building and create all the materials used?This session will explore the embodied carbon outcomes of various projects based on the designs as they are being constructed, as well as design alternatives, based on a few current case studies. Our range of projects includes deep energy retrofits as well as new construction. This session is made possible through a partnership between the Sponsors of Mass Save and Energize Connecticut.
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