Keeping the Engine Warm: Cold Climate Certified Passive House Car Dealership, NAPHN - online

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Wed 16 Sep 2020 2:00 – 3:00

The world's first Passive House Car Dealership posed new design challenges and solutions. The client sought a low impact building that would support its growing business. Being located in a very cold, dry, windy climate, the improved efficiency, comfort, and durability that Passive House buildings deliver were crucial in convincing the client to commit to the standard. Strict corporate design standards, specific client requirements and operational realities forced the design team members to continually re-evaluate proposed solutions in order optimize the design. What resulted is an innovative building that will serve as a beacon for commercial Passive House buildings in very cold climates everywhere. Hosted by Passive House Minnesota, a Chapter of NAPHN Presented by Andrew Peel, Peel Passive House Learning Objectives: 1. Describe challenges specific to cold climate Passive House design. 2. Outline the performance requirements and unique aspects of Passive House car dealerships. 3. Describe strategies for overcoming the challenges and meeting the requirements of cold climate commercial buildings. 4. Outline ways in which commercial Passive House building design is different from residential buildings. For more information and registration: