Affiliates & Partners

Fri 15 Feb 2013
Rhines Auditorium, Portland Public Library, Portland, Maine, USA

Please come to our upcoming forum where we will be presenting real life examples of cost effective, low energy multi-family buildings in Maine and the Northeast. On February 15th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, at the Portland Public Library, we will be exploring new approaches for developing, designing and building low-energy, cost-effective, multi-family buildings in Maine. This forum is open to all who are invested in affordable, cost-effective development of multi-family housing. Chris Benedict R.A. from New York City will be our keynote speaker, showing examples from her built portfolio of over 80 mid-rise multi-family buildings that have been constructed for the same cost as conventional construction, but use 85% less heating energy than their neighbors. In addition, GO Logic & Kaplan Thompson Architects will show recent Maine low-energy multi-family projects. Several building product companies will have product displays available, and we will finish up the event with an informal discussion during a catered lunch. Please see the attached flyer and visit for more details and registration information.