PASSIVE HOUSE MODERN: High Design meets High Performance - San Francisco, USA

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Sun 29 Jul 2012 15:00 – 17:30
Sagan Piechota Architects, 315 Linden Street, San Francisco

Passive House projects have been accused of being 'ugly boxes' with no design merit. Not so, according to our upcoming presenters. Craig Hollow and Bronwyn Barry will look at a series of ultra-modern local and international Passive House projects with excellent modern design credentials. Bronwyn Barry will share images and information on a series of Passive House and high performance projects she recently visited on a tour of Italy and Austria. These include a set of straw bale cottages, a City Hall, a factory and some row-houses. Craig Hollow will follow with US-based projects - both completed and currently under construction - to prove that High Performance buildings are not just for hippies! The presentation will conclude with a sneak preview of the new PHPP and an announcement about the APHN PHPP Dashboard Competition. * We highly recommend using bicycle or public transport to attend this meeting. Civic Center BART is within easy walking distance. If you must drive, park at the Civic Center parking garage and walk three short blocks to the venue. Join us for the presentation, stay for networking!