Energy Efficiency Watch: Nearly zero energy buildings - Wels, Austria

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Thu 1 Mar 2012 – Sat 3 Mar 2012
Wels, Austria

WSED - Energy Efficiency Watch: Nearly zero energy buildings Start/Stop Date: 01 – 02 Mar 12 Organiser: O.Ö. Energiesparverband, Austria Venue: Stadthalle Wels, Austria Focus Areas: Energy efficiency, buildings Type of Event: Conference A conference to discuss how "nearly zero energy buildings" can be achieved in new construction and renovation. The coming years will see a sharp increase in the market uptake of highly efficient buildings throughout Europe: by 2018, new public buildings must be nearly zero-energy buildings, by 2020, this will apply to all new buildings. According to the European Buildings Directive, a "nearly zero-energy building" is a building that has a very high energy performance and the very low amount of energy required is covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources. Member States must draw up national plans for increasing the number of nearly zero-energy buildings, covering both in new construction and renovation. The conference "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings" will offer: * a discussion on the criteria for "nearly zero energy buildings" and how this standard can be achieved * the latest technology trends and financing solutions * the meeting place for the global sustainable buildings community * an outlook on the developments on European and global markets for sustainable buildings * inspirational case studies and site-visits * exchange of experience among experts and new business opportunities * WSED next! - an event for young researchers on energy efficiency in buildings * a major trade show, the “Energiesparmesse“, dedicated to energy-efficiency and renewable energy in buildings, with 1,600 exhibitors Upper Austria is an ideal location for such a conference: due to consistent policies, today there are more than 1,000 buildings meeting passive building standard and several thousand "lowest energy buildings". For more information The event is organised in the frame of the IEE-project Energy Efficiency Watch.