iPHA Webinar "Energy modeling: simplified methods versus dynamic simulation" by Jürgen Schnieders, Passive House Institute - online


Wed 1 Jun 2022 – Thu 2 Jun 2022

"Energy modeling: simplified methods versus dynamic simulation"
with Jürgen Schnieders, Passive House Institute

Do you need hourly simulations for reliably planning highly efficient buildings? Over the past few decades, the PHPP has proven that this is not the case. Rather, it is crucial to have precise knowledge of the boundary conditions, to provide transparency and verifiability of the inputs, and to distinguish between what is essential and what is unimportant in the modeling of the building. This applies to the calculation of the heating demand and assessing summer comfort in non-air-conditioned buildings.
At the PHI, Jürgen Schnieders develops hourly, dynamic building simulation programs and algorithms for the monthly-based PHPP. In this webinar, he will discuss the relation of both methods in more detail.


This iPHA member webinar will last approximately 90 minutes and is worth 2 Passive House Continuous Education (CEPH) credit points. 

There are two webinar sessions available:

Session 1: 9am  Frankfurt / 8am London / 3pm Beijing / 5pm Sydney
Session 2: 6pm Frankfurt / 5pm London / 12pm New York / 9am San Francisco

MORE INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION HERE: https://passivehouse-international.org/index.php?page_id=564