iPHA Webinar, "Cooling systems for hot and humid climates" with Berthold Kaufmann, Passive House Insitute - online


Wed 7 Apr 2021 – Thu 8 Apr 2021
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iPHA Webinar, "Cooling systems for hot and humid climates"

by Berthold Kaufmann, Passive House Institute

The webinar will summarise the recent developments in HVAC systems, especially ventilation systems with heat recovery and humidity recovery combined with a heating and cooling coil driven by a heat pump to provide fresh air and heating and cooling dehumidification in Passive House buildings.

The webinar also examines how the sensible cooling load in PH buildings can be reduced (passive cooling!) and the implications for HVAC systems' design for such ultra-low power-demand systems.

The unique challenge for the HVAC systems in PH buildings is to provide the compatible lower SHR (sensible heat ratio: sensible/total cooling) to have enough dehumidification capacity compared to the reduced sensible cooling load: the latent fraction is higher now, as the sensible cooling is lower. Thus, the SHR for PH apartments must be lower.

There are two webinar sessions available:

Session 1: 90 minutes (2 CEPH) 9:00 AM CEST / 8:00 AM BST / 6:00 PM AEDT / 8:00 PM NZDT
Session 2: 
90 minutes (2 CEPH)  6:00 PM CEST / 5:00 PM BST / 12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT

The registration link is valid for both sessions and you may choose the session you would like to attend.

This iPHA member webinar will last approximately 90 minutes and is worth 2 Passive House Continuous Education (CEPH) credit point.

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