Certified Passive House Designer Course (Language English)


Wed 27 Jul 2016 – Tue 2 Aug 2016
Kazanluk, Bulgaria

This 6-day course is aimed at architects, engineers, building design professionals, contractors, and others who are interested to learn the world’s most advanced energy efficiency building standard – the Passive House Standard. The training is a solid basis for the knowledge needed to plan buildings in accordance with the Passive House Standard. The course will be held in English. This year, the training is a little different than usual. Along with the familiar subjects, we have included a visit to the Green Eco Classroom in Kazanlak, built according to the Passive House Standard. It is constructed with natural materials including straw, clay, and wood. We offer special discount rate for students and young professionals, graduated between the year of 2013 and 2016. What will be covered during the course: - Introduction to Passive House. - Passive House Building Envelope - Airtightness - Passive House Windows - Thermal bridge free design. Thermal imaging and airtightness. - Passive House Ventilation. Site Supervision and Quality Assurance - Heating fundamentals, Heat Generation and Distribution. Temperature differentiation. - Economic Passive Houses - One day workshop to learn the new version of the Passive House Planning Package – PHPP9 (2015) - Site visit to the Green Eco Classroom built to the Passive House Standard. For more information, please visit: http://eplusinternational.com/en/dati-za-kursove/199-obuchenie-na-anglijski-sertifitziran-dizajner-na-pasivni-sgradi-26-31-yuli-gr-kazanlak