Large Scale Passivhaus: Developments in the UK, Glasgow, UK


Wed 30 Apr 2014 13:30 – 17:30
the UK, Glasgow, UK

The Passivhaus standard is increasingly being adopted in significant large scale UK new build and retrofit projects. This event provides an overview of some of the most exciting projects and insights into why they adopted Passivhaus, how they were delivered, and what the project outcomes have been. The focus will be on the financial and logistical propositions for successfully delivering high quality Passivhaus in the current market. Projects cover multiple sectors, including new-build social housing, large-scale private housing, large and small scale Passivhaus retrofits, individual new-build homes, through to leading non-domestic new-build and retrofit projects including schools. The intent is to bring those with experience of successfully delivering Passivhaus projects in the UK together with those interested in exploring the possibility of a Passivhaus project. For further information please visit: