Second Italian National Passivhaus Conference at Made Expo 2013


Sat 5 Oct 2013 – Sun 6 Oct 2013
Fiera Milano, Rho, Italy

The Second National Conference Passivhaus will be held on October 5th, also this year inside the Made Expo 2013 in Milan from October 2nd to 5th. The Second National Conference Passivhaus, in particular, will be held inside the "Smart Village", an area of about 2,000 square meters within the exposition, organized by Edilportale and Agorà in collaboration with MADE 2013, totally dedicated to sustainability and energy efficiency. Also this year within the "Smart Village", will be set up conferences, seminars, technical workshops, thematic areas, exhibition of projects, info-point of the companies with communication and information activities that will directly involve designers, visitors and companies that develop materials and technologies in this field. In particular, this year the Second National Conference Passivhaus will be titled " Passivhaus: A design method and not a standard." At the conference moderated by Dr. Phys Francesco Nesi, Director of the Zephir Institut, after a short introduction made by Dr. Nesi and Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano of the Energy Department of the Polytechnic of Milan will give a talk about their experience with Passivhaus, Arch. Leopoldo Busa, Designer expert in Indoor Air Quality, Marco Filippi, Passivhaus Designer at Energy Plus Project, Paolo Fontanabona, owner of a masonry passive house, Andrea Silvestri, engineer of Telecommunications at TecnoSI Srl, Mirko Taglietti of Armalab Srl, builder of Passivhaus buildings. The conference will point out that the Passivhaus standard is to be understood as a design method and not only as a mere certification process. Moreover, some other topics will be outlined, such as the Project PassREg, where regions and cities promote the Passivhaus standard, environmental contaminants and certification of indoor air quality, low cost monitoring of the performance of a building. Finally, the conference will focuse on three case studies: a Passivhaus building in reinforced concrete 'Case Sabin', presented by the project building engineer, a masonry passive house, as seen from the occupant’s point of view and the PassivHaus EcoHotel of Nago Torbole (TN), with an insight given by the construction company. For more details, see the following press release :