Passive House Tours - Frankfurt, Germany


Sun 21 Apr 2013
Congress Center Messe Frankfurt, Entrance Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage

On Sunday, 21 April 2013, participants are welcome to attend one of the tours to visit Passive House buildings, both new builds and refurbishments. All tours include transfer, on-site tours, translation into English and lunch. Bookings possible for Conference participants only. Meeting point: Messe Frankfurt, Congress Center, Entrance Ludwig- Erhard-Anlage. Unless otherwise stated, all tours end at the Frankfurt Main Station. (space limited) TOUR 1 | Non-residential buildings in brief | 9am - 3.00pm School cafeteria (new build) | Kindergarten (new build) | School under construction (retrofit/new build) TOUR 2 | Frankfurt city centre in brief | 9am - 3.00pm Exhibition of Passive House build-ups | Residence and office building (new build) | Apartment building (retrofit) TOUR 3 | Frankfurt – Riedberg | 9am - 3.30pm Gymnasium (new build) | Apartment building (new build) | 16,000m² School campus (new build) TOUR 4 | Large Passive House buildings | 9am - 5.00pm 27,000m² office and research building complex under construction (new build) | 16,000m² School campus (new build) | office building (new build) TOUR 5 | City centre living | 9am - 3.30pm Social housing block (new build) | Apartment building (retrofit) | Single family home (new build) | terraced houses (new build) TOUR 6 | Urban planning challenge | 9am - 4.30pm Apartment building (retrofit) | 7,000m² school campus and day care (new build) | terraced houses (new build) | Single family home (new build) TOUR 7 | Frankfurt non-residential buildings | 9am - 4.30pm Fire station (new build) | School under construction (new build/retrofit) | 7,000m² school campus and day care (new build) | Office building (new build) TOUR 8 | Darmstadt | 9am - 4.30pm Office building (retrofit) | Residence and office building (new build/retrofit) | Apartment building under construction (new build) | terraced houses under construction (new build) TOUR 9 | Heidelberg Bahnstadt Passive House district | 8.30am - 5.00pm Urban district with office and laboratory building | Townhouses | Student residence hall | Building supply store (all new build). Those who would like to end this tour early may do so at 3:30pm at the Heidelberg Main Station