2012 Passive House Symposium - New York, NY, USA


Mon 23 Jul 2012 9:00 – 17:00
Sciame Auditorium 141 Convent Avenue Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture The City College of New York New York, NY 10031

2012 Passive House Symposium NEW YORK, NEW YORK - May 31 - The 2012 Passive House Symposium is a one day exploration of the many Passive House projects underway in the New York area. With over forty Passive House buildings currently in the process of being designed and built, New York is a leader in the US for Passive House construction. The symposium will demonstrate how architects, builders and owners are meeting the demanding Passive House standard, making a substantive contribution to New York's climate change mitigation efforts. Presentations will include 6 retrofit projects and 9 new building projects that span every phase of the process. Rowhouses, multifamily, commerical and institutional buildings will be presented - located from eastern Long Island to New York City to Upstate New York. ABC NoRio, LES Passive House Project, NYC Tomas O'Leary, Director of the Passive House Academy, will provide an international context for New York's efforts. Tomas will describe how this global standard is evolving while growing exponentially. He will show examples that include Brussels Belgium where Passive House will be required for all new and retrofit construction in 2015. Certified Passive Houses: Orient Point by Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects with Right Environments, and Omega Institute by North River Architecture + Planning will be presented. Passive Passion, a 20 minute documentary on Passive House in the US, featuring New York practitioners and Dr. Wolfgag Feist, by Charlie Hoxie, will be viewed during the day. Round Table Presentations: A variety of practitioners, each focusing on a different essential aspect of Passive House design and construction, will provide observations about the complexities and possibilities of this exciting new building standard for the New York area. Find out more at the symposium website. When: Saturday June 23, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT Where: Sciame Auditorium 141 Convent Avenue Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture The City College of New York New York, NY 10031 Passive House Institute Logo Passive House is an international building standard that affordably achieves the very highest levels of comfort and indoor air quality while reducing heating and cooling energy costs by up to 90%. Passive House was formalized in Germany in the early 1990s by Dr. Wolfgang Feist and the Passive House Institute. Passive House, with a proven track record of accurately predicting and delivering building performance, offers a clear, sustainable and affordable path for combating climate change. NY Passive House (NYPH) is an independent non-for-profit trade organization working to promote a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient built environment through the promotion of the Passive House building standard. Formed in 2010, NYPH is supported by member dues and industry sponsors. NYPH facilitates the exchange of information and experiences, among practitioners of the Passive House building standard. Contact: Ken Levenson 917-837-8487 info@nypassivehouse.org New York Passive House