PHPP-IP | COURSE I - Verification & Assemblies, NYPH - online


Tue 13 Apr 2021 18:00 – 19:00

PHPP-IP Course I | An Introduction to the Passive House Planning Package (IP) (PHPP-IP) by Ed May

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The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is a powerful tool for anyone looking to design, build or certify a Passive House project. This excel-based energy modeling software can yield tremendous insight into how our buildings are performing and can help design and construction teams identify the best pathways to a healthy, durable and low-energy project. However, along with this power comes complexity. The PHPP can often be quite intimidating to first-time users, and even experienced practitioners can easily get lost within this multifaceted tool.

The comprehensive course, organized into easy to digest Modules, will introduce participants to the proper use of the PHPP within the context of a residential building project. By following along with the course, through a mix of self-paced online video lectures and synchronous in-person sessions, participants will learn how to transform a set of architectural drawings, details and specifications into a fully fledged PHPP model. Along the way we'll also dive into the background, conventions, standards and rules which govern the use of the PHPP for Certified Passive House buildings. Additionally, we'll see how we can use the PHPP to test design iterations, evaluate building performance and gain a better understanding of the Passive House performance targets. This course is designed with the US practitioner in mind and will be conducted in English, using the IP version of the software. The course will work best for those participants who want to 'model-along' and so having a working copy of the PHPP v9.7-IP will be important, though not required. This course will be useful to anyone looking to better understand this powerful and important piece of the Passive House toolkit.

Live Sessions: