Net Zero Carbon Tutorials (series 2), Passivhaus Trust - Online


Thu 16 Jul 2020

This series of online tutorials will be of interest to anyone (particularly those in furlough) who wishes to understand why many low-energy eco-homes are far from net-zero. Designers and consultants who need to explain to clients how to achieve a zero-carbon building in practice will benefit. 

Limited to 30 people, these tutorials offer a chance to learn directly from, and engage with, expert speakers.  

8. PH Ribbon demo PLUS interactive workshop

This double-length session includes both a demonstration of the integrated PH Ribbon which allows instant embodied energy calculations for a building modeled in the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP), and a final case study workshop. Delegates will be asked to take part, contribute design ideas and review options for improvement before being presented with what actually happened on the ground.

Tim Martel, Optimal Retrofit, John Palmer & Kirsten Henson  

(8 of 8)  Event organised by Passivhaus Trust