NAPHN Online Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant (CPHD/C) Training


Mon 11 May 2020 – Sat 16 May 2020
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Certified Passive HouseDesigner/Consultant (CPHD/C) Training:

NAPHN’s Certified Passive HouseDesigner/Consultant course is the premier training program for Passive Housebuilding professionals. Supported by a 25+ year history of global technicalleadership by the Passive House Institute, and over 7 years of successful Americaninstruction, from Maine to California, by the Passive House Academy – thiscourse is specifically designed to teach the international Passive HouseStandard to American professionals making Passive House buildings in the industry.

This course is provided in collaboration withthe Passive House Academy (PHA), the Passive House Institute (PHI),and NYPH and is accredited by the AIA for 35 LU/HSWs. 

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Contact NAPHN by or by phone: 929-376-8537 with any questions.

Online class schedule:

·     Day 1: Introduction to Passive Houseprinciples and economics, with an in-depth look at enclosure insulation &thermal bridging: principles, calculations, details, systems and components.

·     Day 2: Enclosure airtightness and windows:principles, calculations, details, systems and components.

·     Day 3: Ventilation, heating, cooling,dehumidification and domestic hot water: principles, calculations, details,systems and components.

·     Day 4: PHPP energy model and calculatingbuilding energy balance.

·     Day 5: Retrofits, certifications and exampreparation.

Online Modules:

Seven online modules reinforce, and expand on,the classroom work - completed at the participant’s pace:

·     Module 1: Introduction

·     Module 2: Spot the Mistakes

·     Module 3: True or False

·     Module 4: Energy Calculations

·     Module 5: Economics

·     Module 6: Designing a Passive House

·     Module 7: PHPP + Units


The exam occurs four times each year globally:on a day in March, in June, in October and in December. Exact dates and moreinformation on the exam is available here.


The current version of the PHPP energy model will be provided and registeredto the attending participant for use in class - and any subsequent professionalwork.


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