PHPP Variants course, Peel Passive House - online


Fri 1 May 2020 – Sat 2 May 2020

PHPP is a powerful building energy modeling that provides accurate predictions of building performance. However, modeling multiple design options in PHPP can be tricky and/or time consuming. In PHPPv9, the Passive House Institute introduced the Variants worksheet to help address this issue. The Variants worksheet is a power tool that allows simultaneous modeling of multiple design options.This 2 week online course will explore how the Variants tool can be set up and used to achieve this and other objectives. Exercises will reinforce learning.

Registration: For further details and to register, visit:  

Learning Objectives:

Intended Audience: Intermediate and advanced PHPP users

Prerequisites: Experience with PHPP

Course Requirements: Laptop with a PHPPv9 software, and the PHPP manual.

Schedule: The course is structured into 4 lectures over the course of 2 weeks. You are invited to complete the course at your own pace. Access to the online platform will begin upon enrollment and will end 2 weeks after, however, all student resources including lecture slides will be available for download for future reference. The course is currently open for continuous enrollment.

Further Education Training: The PHPP Variants course is recognized by PHI as further education training for Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants with 4 CPs under the ID: K088-2018-CA. If you require a confirmation of completion please email:


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