Certified Passive House Designer course - Darmstadt, Germany


Mon 3 Nov 2014 – Sun 9 Nov 2014
Darmstadt, Germany

www.passivhaus-info.de/ceph_course.php This is your chance to get the original Passive House Designer course taught, in part, with Passive House Institute scientists as guest speakers!! Energy efficiency is the basis to getting sustainable buildings. And the basics are easy to realize. Building services based on renewable energy get much cheaper in Passive Houses than in buildings with a high energy demand. The Passive House concept is easy to transfer for worldwide and is the best way to save energy economically. It is widely known amongst stakeholders in the building sector. Building owners and authorities ask for it. Get to know the basics for designing and building comfortable and cost-effective Passive Houses! Our intensive 10 day training course in English takes place from 3rd to 14th of November 2014. Course Times: 9:00am - 6:00pm On the 8th of November a one-day excursion is scheduled to visit finished Passive Houses during the 'International Passive House Days'. Our course 'Certified Passive House Designer' covers all the important topics related to the Passive House standard based on Central Europe's temperate climate. Additionally it shows characteristics for Passive House in different climates. Price Course 'Certified Passive House Designer' (incl. one-day excursion): 2.100 Euros / reduced 1.950 Euros plus 19% VAT (exam is NOT included) More information: www.passivhaus-info.de/ceph_course.php