Certified PH Designer Course (Revision Day) - UK - by Target Zero


Thu 16 Oct 2014 – Fri 17 Oct 2014
Capital Business Centre, 22 Carlton Road, South Croydon, United Kingdom

DAY 10 – Revision Day – Exam Preparation Workshop In the revision course different exercises to the main Passive House relevant topics to help participants put their newly acquired knowledge on the definition and components of passive houses, planning aspects to the design, engineering and technology and the numerous computational tasks of the energy balance and efficiency to apply and consolidate: Practice areas Calculations of cost-effectiveness Calculation of the energy balance manually Impromptu design a passive house Exam Preparation http://passivehousetraining.co.uk Liity Google Hangoutsilla: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/bWFyaWEucml2ZXJvQHBhc3Npdi5kZQ.lqg840u3cvn0ljpmt4evudcd5c?hs=121