Online PHPP Workshop by Energy Plus International


Mon 6 Oct 2014 – Fri 7 Nov 2014

Duration of the online workshop: 1 month - 7 online sessions. The training will be conducted in English. Description: The workshop is a combination of online lectures and exersises during which the participants will enter step by step a sample project into the PHPP. Training will be conducted with the new English version of Passive House Planning package PHPP 8 (2013). To participate in the workshop you must have software. Note: The workshop has been developed using the Passive House Planning Package PHPP 8 (2013) in metric units. The workshop will start on 6 October 2014 Deadline to register for the training - September 19, 2014. (Registration closes on that date, in order to have enough time the participants to receive the software that will be sent by us before the start of the workshop.) For more information, please visit