THERM workshop for thermal bridge calculations for low energy buildings and Passive Houses - Bucharest, Romania (Language: English / Romanian)


Tue 16 Jul 2013 – Wed 17 Jul 2013
Bucharest, Romania Location to be defined

A thermal bridge, also called a cold bridge, is a fundamental of heat transfer where a penetration of the insulation layer by a highly conductive or non-insulating material takes place in the separation between the interior and exterior building enclosure. Thermal bridging occurs wherever assembly components with high U-values relative to surrounding materials span from the inside to the outside of a building assembly. The participants of the course will learn how to calculate thermal bridges using THERM and Excel for use in the Passive House Design Package. Using this program they can verify the influence of the thermal bridges and how they can optimize them. During the one day workshop the participants will be able to make a simulation for an old building, identify the thermal bridges, and calculate them. They will be able to optimize these details and develop thermal bridge free details and calculations, suitable for Passive Houses. After the training the participants will be able to: •Identify the weak points (the thermal bridges) of a building •Be able to calculate the influence of thermal bridge on various building envelope connections •Optimize building envelopes details in order to have a free thermal bridge building •Identify areas with a big risk of condensation Who can attend this workshop? The training is aimed at architects, engineers, consultants, and construction professionals who are interested in working on low energy projects and passive buildings. The training is very useful for energy auditors, working in the field of energy efficiency. Participants will require previous knowledge of MS Excel and ability to read building plans and details. Inquiries: contact arch. Guergana Barabonkova, email or call arch. Norana Petre at (+40) 726 349 250 You can find more information about the courses and workshops organized by Energy+ at this link: