Masterclass: MVHR - making ventilation systems work - London, UK


Tue 19 Feb 2013 15:00 – 18:00
UCL Energy Institute , London, UK

When designing to the Passivhaus standard, Mechanical Ventilation Systems with Heat Recovery (MVHR) are essential to achieve the required performance levels by providing fresh air supply with minimal heat-loss. MVHR systems are also increasingly specified in more conventional buildings due to increased air-tightness standards. This Masterclass, limited to around 20 participants focuses on what to look out for when designing, specifying, installing and commissioning MVHR units. The masterclass aims to answer all the questions you have always wanted - and will be able - to ask, such as: * At which air-tightness levels is MVHR beneficial and why? * How do you write the specification for an efficient system? * What are typical running costs and capital costs? * What are maintenance and access requirements? * How is it controlled and how do occupants respond? * And many others... Delivered by Alan Clarke, who is an energy consultant and building services engineer who has designed ventilation systems for a range of Passivhaus projects, seeing them through from concept design through to post occupancy evaluation. Andrew Farr, who is the Green Building Store’s ventilation technical expert, and has commissioned many of the Passivhaus ventilation systems in the UK. He will illustrate some of the principles discussed with an actual MVHR unit. Who should attend? Architects, engineers, planners, building control officers, energy managers, builders, housing associations, researchers and others who want to learn more on how to deliver real low energy buildings. Cost PHT Members £95+VAT Non-members £150 +VAT Book your place To book a place, contact Roger Southcott at quoting 'MVHR Masterclass' in the subject line and include the following details: 1. Current knowledge level/background of the Masterclass topic? 2. Any specific issues/ knowledge/ questions you would like us to cover in the Masterclass?