Part 13 - day 1: THERMAL MODELLING ASSESSMENT USING THERM 2 day workshop - Carlow, Ireland


Thu 25 Oct 2012 – Fri 26 Oct 2012
Passive House Training centre, Carlow Gateway, Athy road, carlow, ireland

Eligibility Good computer skills including a working knowledge of MS Excel. Ability to read building plans and knowledge of typical construction methods. Computers are at the venue with the software loaded. Thermal modelling training is offered as a 2 Day workshop and is essential for energy assessors when calculating Standard Assessment Procedures (SAP). The course uses the conventions from the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) from the German Passivhaus Institut, but also shows how to derive psi values for SAP calculations. Attendance on this training course will provide: An understanding of what a PSI value represents. Clarity about when PSI calculations are required. Understanding of different conventions for PSI values and how to convert between them. Appreciation of the importance of eliminating thermal bridges at the design stage. Experience of calculating PSI values using 2D Thermal Analysis Software (Therm). Understanding of EN standards and how to apply these to ground floors and windows.