Hands-On Airsealing Workshops - Boston, MA, USA


Wed 16 May 2012 17:00 – Thu 17 May 2012 20:00
Boston (Allston), MA

Hands-On Airsealing Workshops with SIGA This three-hour workshop will cover examples of current American and European building assemblies, how to tackle problems of moisture management, how to design and construct an air tight envelope, and how blower doors can quantify performance. This workshop is both discussion and "hands on". We'll use SIGA membranes and adhesive tapes on model houses to understand the planning and application of an system that creates an air-tight envelope, manages both interior and exterior moisture and seals the construction from pest infiltration. The workshops will be taught by SIGA veteran Michael Brogle of SIGA. Michael has recently relocated to the U.S. from Switzerland in his new position as Business Development Manager for North America. His goal for the workshops is to teach European air sealing methods and also to learn more about U.S. Construction methods. Two sessions, with identical content, will be held in Boston (Allston), MA. Each session is limited to 22 attendees, and registration/RSVP is required. The event address will be sent upon registration. The workshops are free. Wednesday, May 16, from 5 - 8pm : RSVP for Wednesday Thursday, May 17 from 5 - 8pm: RSVP for Thursday Kristen Simmons