Passivhaus Retrofit Masterclass: Managing Moisture

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Tue 12 Dec 2023 14:00 – 15:30

Are you interested in retrofit and concerned about moisture? This UK Passivhaus Trust Masterclass is for you! Join in December, when the Trust launches the 2023 Retrofit Moisture Guide, sponsored by Ecological Building SystemsKnauf InsulationGreengauge and QODA.

Retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency & comfort has the potential to resolve or mitigate moisture issues but also to create problems or exacerbate existing ones. The implications for the building fabric can range from reduced thermal performance to dramatic structural failures. Humid and damp conditions can adversely effect occupant health. The consequences can range from merely annoying to life-threatening. 

Do not miss the chance to hear from two knowledgeable authors from the latest technical paper and learn first-hand about moisture-safe design while retrofitting. This essential Retrofit Moisture Guide expands upon our retrofit activities and Passivhaus Retrofit Masterclass lecture series.